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the approach


Leading industries just like #fashion #music & #media are following a frenetic trend of creating commercial collaborations. Why don't we take advantage of their successful strategies to create huge impact on even more sustainable business ideas? Let's get better, together! 

the solution

Collaboration is key. We are a young community of change makers. Our main objectives are to unleash, promote and connect your sustainable idea in both worlds: the online and the offline. You want to learn more about how we can help you? Let's get wild!

the fam

We are a mix-bag of change makers, entrepreneurs & creatives based in Berlin and Washington, D.C. Together we hustle for the meaningful impact to our communities, environment and people. We are chasing the #thenextwildthing!

Ben Beck

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Serial Entrepreneur, Business Strategist, based in Washington, D.C.

Aino Simon

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Serial Entrepreneur, Parship-Coach, based in Berlin

Sonja Steberl

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Entrepreneur, Cosmetic Expert, Product Dev, based in Berlin

Anne Wolff

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Entrepreneur, International Trading Specialist, based in Berlin

Jeanette Gelpke

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Biz Dev, Sales, New Work Specialist, based in Abuja


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Join the fam with your awesome ideas and visions to help make this place an even better one.

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